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  • Swinging Drawbar

    Swinging Drawbar

    <strong>Specifications</strong> Swinging Drawbar. Length: 30 in. Thickness: 1 in. Width: 1-7/8 in. Pin holes on tractor end: 1 in. Pin holes on attachment end: 3/4 in. Lateral movement. Hauling device more flexible when turning.
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  • Tine Tillers

    <strong> Tine Tiller Specification</strong> Frame Type Pipe Set and Z Type Number of Tines 9,11 & 13 Linkage Category I & II Working Depth 229 mm Tine Spacing 229 mm to 254 mm HP Compatibility 50 to 85 HP
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  • V Ditcher
  • Water Bowser

    Water Bowser

    <strong>Specifications </strong>Movement Tractor Towable Availability 500 gallons to 2000 gallons Chassis channel 8” x 3” Baffle plate 1 Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above<strong> </strong>
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  • Wheat / Rice Reaper

    <strong>Specification</strong> Cutting Width 7.5Ft No of Blades 29 Weight with Kit 275Kgs Maximum length 7.8 ft Source of power up 25 hp Cutting width 7.5 feet Maximum Width 2.37ft Maximum Height 2.37Ft
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  • Zero Tillage Planter

    Zero Tillage Planter

    <strong>Zerotillage Planter Specification</strong> Row Spacing 10” No of Rows 9 -13 Linkage 3 Pt Weight Approx. 400KGS Seeds able to plant Rice, cotton, maize, millet, sorghum
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